Legal Information

Dear Valued Participating Clinicpass Member: We understand that the role of a responsible vendor company is to do the proper due diligence on any third party credentialing company that your clinics have requested your employees to participate in. In an effort to streamline this process we have created this packet of information that will help provide you the necessary legal documents as well as dispel any misconceptions that may exist about services. 

Feel free to email your employer a link to this page so they can review our services for approval. 

Important Facts: 

We NEVER request Social Security / Driver's License Numbers 

We NEVER resell your information 

We NEVER store credit card information 

We NEVER charge a vendor for costs associated with the physical security of a clinic - i.e. Contact information, Photo ID, Ability to sign in/out 

All memberships are Universal - any fee based memberships are good for all clinics at no additional charge. 

This packet of information is comprehensive collection of hyperlinks to our legal documents that many vendor companies have requested and we hope you find it to be helpful in your vetting process. 

If you have any additional questions or needs please feel free to call our help desk at 501.368.8332.

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Please email any support request to and we will respond to your email as soon as posslible. Thanks, Administration